Residency SCENE44 I co Ex Nihilo Anne Le Batard - The other side of here

9 > 14 May 2022

The other side of here, sharing our taste for places.
*Exploring one’s town, looking for closed, abandoned places that are waiting for demolition, forgotten and neglected. And proposing, for one evening, a poetic passage through them that brings the walls back to life, makes them talk, transforms them and tells their story differently. 
The other side of here is an inversion that gives a new reality – or unreality – to a place, which daily use too often prevents us envisaging. 
Following the faults, deriving new meanings, inventing other narratives, strange off-beat situations, to translate L’Envers d’ici / The other side of here, that of the place where we will live for a unique moment shared with the audience, the users and the occupants.
The other side of here affirms how much of the extraordinary is in the banal.

Choreography / spatialisation: Anne Le Batard
Dancers: Luc Bénard, Corinne Pontana, Jean-Antoine Bigot, Lassina Kone, Emma Riba,
Anne-Laure Chelle, Ji In Gook, Adèle Diridollou

Actor / spatialisation of words: Charles-Henri Despeignes
Musicians: Pascal Ferrari, Tom Honnoré, Rui Owada
Technical design (video, sound & lighting): Camille Sanchez


Production: Ex Nihilo
Joint production and hosting residencies: Hospitality & studio provided by VIADANSE - CCN de Bourgogne Franche-Comté, Belfort, (directors: Fattoumi/Lamoureux) | Residency & Grant aid for creative work: Atelier 231, Centre National des Arts de la Rue et de l’Espace Public, Sotteville-lès-Rouen | Grant aid for creative work provided by Moulin Fondu - Centre national des arts de la rue et de l’espace public (CNAREP) Ile de France | Residency & joint production: L’Usine - CNAREP de Tournefeuille / Toulouse Métropole | SN Le Cratère Alès (associated artists) | BILDSTÖRUNG Festival, Detmold (Germany)  I SCENE44 . n + n corsino