Residency SCENE44 I co Dodescaden - Jellyselfish

26 February > 2 March 2024

Jellyselfish questions the other self that is represented and staged by images, social networks, CVs or photo albums, via our smartphones, our GoPro, our Insta360, our cameras, and our Access Point Names (or APNs – for using mobile phone networks).
What is this figure of oneself that we gradually develop and that we make evolve in a virtual, ultimately imaginary world?
What is this new, more and more complex, dramatized ritual, in which we indulge every day?
How are our bodies affected by these new self-representations?

The first performance of JellySelfish by Dodescaden will take place from 16 to 18 May 2024 at the Center of Contemporary Art (CCA) in Glasgow, as part of the International Symposium Re(play) it again (Repit) registered in the scientific program of the Laboratory of Excellence Past in the Present.
Fall 2024 at SCENE44 . n + n Corsino.

Jellyselfish is a choreographic work by Laurence Maillot and Jeremy Demesmaeker - Co Dodescaden

Performer: Laurence Maillot, Nathalie Masseglia, Jeremy Demesmaeker, Baptiste Buob
Cameraman : Baptiste Buob
Set design and music: Jeremy Demesmaeker

Production: @Mali Kadi - Cie Dodescaden
Co-productions: Labex Les passés dans le présent dans le cadre du Projet (Re)play it again : reenactments et non-reconstituables (RePiT)
Institutions responsables : Histoire des Arts et des Représentations (HAR) — EA 4414, UPN et le Laboratoire d’ethnologie et de sociologie comparative (LESC) — UMR 7186, UPN-CNRS), Lavoir Théâtre – Menton dans le cadre du dispositif « Éclosion », SCENE44 n+n Corsino – Marseille, The Hunterian Art Gallery - University of Glasgow
Partners: in France
SCENE44 n+n Corsino – Marseille, AMACCA de la Roya, Lavoir Théâtre - Menton, MOD Marseille Objectif Danse
The Hunterian Art Gallery, The ARC : Advanced research Centre - Glasgow, University of Glasgow, CCA — Center for Contemporary Arts de Glasgow