Residency SCENE44 I co AnA Annabelle Playe - M Δ G N Δ

15 > 20 January 2024

Magna means in Latin: big · magnificent · noisy · strong · large · resounding · sonorous · abundant · intense · important · big · of high size ·
The word "magna" carries in itself a form of superlative. An exceptional greatness, beyond the ordinary.

M Δ G N Δ is a musical project in which dance, light and visuals are integrated into the process of composition, which disturbs the limits of a space, be it interior, mental or projective.

M Δ G N Δ is articulated around the phenomenon of electricity and more widely of magnetism: circulation of fluids, energies and passages towards phenomenal worlds, often invisible or present in an extraordinary manner. How do thunderstorms, terrestrial atmospheres or cosmic discharges travel through the body? How does this phenomena allow us to transcend our finitude, to access a dimension which we rarely explore?

The triptych piece presents 3 stories, 3 spaces, 3 temporalities, from electricity in the body to the setting of electronic music. 3 creators on stage handle the waves and frequencies between lightning, electrocution and trance.
These powerful sister witches electrify the codes of the concert, deploying new listening spaces. Shamanism, healers, dreams, trances…Polarization. Magnetization.

Conception, composition, live electronic: Annabelle Playe
Choreography: Cassandre Munoz
Composition, onde martenot: Nadia Ratsimandresy
Light design: Rima Ben-Brahim
Stage management: Samuel Herbreteau, Laurie Alle
Visuals: Alexandra Radulescu
Costume design: Margot Dusé
Choreographic assistant: Marcela Santander Corvalàn
Stage management assistant: Franck Vigroux
Sound documentation, City of Detroit: Marjolaine Casteigt
Photo credit: Quentin Chevrier 

Production: AnA Compagnie
In partnership with the Théâtre de la Maison du Peuple, the Théâtre de Bagnols-les-Bains and the Service Culturel de la Ville de Mende
With the financial support of the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles Occitanie, the Région Occitanie, the Département Lozère and the SACEM. Commissioned by the State