Residency SCENE44 I Claudine Galea I n + n Corsino - Horizon et Verticalité

8 > 13 June 2024

Dancing, being alive in this space moving and shifting, leads to a junction point of space-time between what I do and what I perceive from an imaginary journey of my skin and bones. I am both on the map and on the territory.

Horizontality in space
Since I was a child, my own physiological sensors have recognized an inverted kinematics when I move virtually along the three spatial dimensions and play on speed variations. It is a good model for understanding the multidimensional universe in which I am immersed and whose horizon I see. This endless limit becomes my spatial reference.

Verticality in time
Thinking, dancing, speaking produces memory: it is inscribed in time.

My memory can increase its mass. One part, included in my body, is sensitive to gravity, and another unfolds in weightlessness. This weightless memory finds the action of weight vertically in its transmission to others. My time is my memory plus the weight of my potential traces: it is my vertical reference.