Residency SCENE44 / Co Trucmuche Michaël Allibert - Ouverture(s)

10 > 20 May 2021

Ouverture(s) [Opening(s)/Overture(s)] focuses on the incidentals and preliminaries: everything which, in a certain way, could be unsuitable for performance and which, however, involves a whole series of choreographic, plastic, dramaturgical and sensitive material.
Due to the importance given to the stages of visibility in the arts, 90% of the artist's work is concealed from the public. This gives the final finished object (a show or a sculpture) a status of superiority in relation to all that is involved in producing the final result, without there actually being any reason for it.
By exhibiting or showing “the thing in the process of being produced” at different stages of its development, we seek, on the one hand, to shift the centre of attention away from the work to what precedes it or to what is brought into play to make it happen and, on the other hand, to ensure that the public’s gaze is not focused on the end product, but on the process of development of the object in question.
What we show are weaknesses, questions, experiments, errors and also failures, because the artistic space allows us to decide that here it is these ideas and concepts that prevail, and not necessarily those of force, power or success.
Michaël Allibert & Jérôme Grivel

Concept design: Michaël Allibert & Jérôme Grivel 
Performers: Michaël Allibert, Sigrid Bordier, Francesca Domenichini, Jérôme Grivel, Sandra Rivière, Joy Serradell 
Production: Hélène Baisecourt
Distribution: Vanessa Anheim Cristofari
Production Association Merci ! - TC/MA
Co-productions: City of Valbonne, Système Castafiore, Grasse - Multiprise, Nice
Support: City of Nice, Département of Alpes-Maritimes