Residency SCENE44 / co Essevesse Antonino Ceresia & Fabio Dolce - #lacommedia

22 february > 5 march 2021

Antonino Ceresia and Fabio Dolce base themselves on the structure and form of the story La Divina Commedia by Dante Aligheri. They free themselves from them to mirror, through this universal poem, contemporary questions on the environment, language and romantic relationships.
The two choreographers construct a world of real and virtual allegories in collaboration with visual artist Nicolas Clauss and, from it, they weave a path of the living outside time.

réalisateurs, chorégraphes, performers : Fabio Dolce, Antonino Ceresia  
plasticien, artiste visuel : Nicolas Clauss 
compositeur : Romain Aweduti 
acteur (voix off) : Loic Basille 
danseuse : Sakiko Oishi
Production : 
 Cie Essevesse
coproduction : Teatri di Vita, Bologne

SCENE44 continues to support artists in residence and maintains its partnerships face of the current epidemic.