Residency Sandra Français / Co Eléphante - Onkalo

29 January > 9 February 2018

Onkalo means cave in Finnish.
Today we dig caverns to bury nuclear waste. This process frees a potential for questioning beyond our comprehension and will have repercussions on an infinite time scale.
The guardian of Onkalo is responsible for transmitting the message on which will depend the survival of future generations.
Through different modes of communication, those of the past and those of the present, the Guardian tries to imagine those of the future. He articulates and structures this new body language as a code to be deciphered.
The Guardian’s energy will resonate for a long time in this space. Will it be strong enough to find a channel, a medium for communicating with its receiver?
100,000 years later, the Snooper, a new Prometheus, discovers the cavern and the encrypted signals left by the Guardian.

Credits titles:
choreography: Sandra Français
performance:  Sandra Français, Chiara Montalbani
sound design: Martin Goodwin
lighting design: Léo Grospérrin
visual design:  Collectif Làbo & Sudside
video / communication media: Romain Giquel, Renaud Trigodet 
costumes: Julie Youssef
tour organisation: Céline Beuchat 
Production:  Co Eléphante
joint productions & residencies: SCENE44 . n + n Corsino, KLAP Maison pour la danse, La Friche de la Belle de Mai, La Générale, Le Point Éphémère
host studio:  Le Pavillon Noir
with support from: Co Artonik & La Fabrique de la Danse