Residency Julien Ferrando / The De Caelis ensemble - Tacet

14 > 19 May 2018

TACET, meaning it is silent, is a Latin term used in Western music to indicate to an instrumentalist that must remain silent during the entire duration of a movement or during a rather long fragment.
Silence, as a sound experience and a musical gesture, is revisited here with the help of new sound technologies, in a reinterpretation of medieval pieces and following in the footsteps of John Cage and Morton Feldman.
TACET is a part of the projects developed within PRISM laboratory (AMU-CNRS) as the topic "creations, practices and artistic researches".

Credits titles:
research, organetto, clavicytherium: Julien Ferrando
composer, Smartvox, live electronics: Jonathan Bell, Hui Hui Cheng
singer: Laurence Brisset, Estelle Nadau, Caroline Tarrit, Eugénie De Mey (De Caelis)
             Tom Mebarki
The De Caelis ensemble is supported by the Normandy DRAC / Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Normandy Regional Council, ADAMI, SPEDIDAM and Musique Nouvelle en Liberté. Mécénat Musical Société Générale and the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation are the main sponsors. De Caelis is also a member of PROFEDIM, FEVIS (the French Federation of Specialized Vocal and Instrumental Ensembles) and the Futurs Composés network.