Résidency Co Sara Lupoli - Off Cells

Off Cells cells are activated at the periphery of the retina in the absence of light.
Off Cells imply that darkness is not inert, but is the result of a real activity of a part of our body.
The body experiences the architectures of shadow and light in an emotional micro-universe and becomes a sensitive, vibrant vehicle where past and present coexist.
Off Cells imagines different scenarios of a synesthetic journey, in which perceptual fields combine and intertwine with places of memory and incredible spaces.
It presents itself as a performance interacting with the audience and the performers and, in this environment, all our senses converge on a single complex polyphonic system.

Credits titles:
Author, choreographer, performer: Sara Lupoli
Consultancy, dramaturgy: Marco Izzolino
Programming: Fiorenzo Dario Ramaglia
Multimedia art: Matteo Vinti
Music composition: Francesco Giangrande
Photography: Sabrina Cirillo
Art Garage (Naples)
Support: SCENE44, n + n Corsino (Marseille), Casa del Contemporaneo (Naples), Asilo (Naples), Körper (Naples) and PianoBe