Residency Co Essevesse - ON/OFF

13th > 23rd March 2017

The world is made up of discontinuities, and every experience is born out of these discontinuities.
The forms and phenomena of the universe are expressed in a series of ONs and OFFs, which enables us to interpret and identify everything around us.
Our senses perceive firstly the visible part, the ON, yet reality would not be complete without the hidden OFF part.
The body and dance inevitably create a link between these two aspects.
"With this original new work, as a choreographer, I question the place where these bridges of completeness are located, how interpretation transcends what we call gender, and also what is impacted by this concept.
While accepting, of course, that certain differences or similarities are also induced by the dancers’ personalities."

Credits titles:
Concept, choreography: Antonino Ceresi
Performers: Ines Abdou, Sylvi Shkembi
Image design: Mathilda Goli, Cyril Nesty, Camille Renoux
Interactive media programmer: Sylvain Delbart
Sound design: Marie Bernard
With the support of: le Transformateur, Allauch, Atelier Dantza, Pau,
SCENE44 . n + n Corsino, Marseille