Open Session Sandra Français / Co Eléphante - Onkalo

8 . 2 . 2018 - 7pm

A guardian body and receiver of messages through time.
With this creation, Sandra Français leads us into a radioactive post-conte: will the concrete sarcophagi of nuclear waste be the new pyramids?
One hundred thousand years later, an irradiated Prometheus appeared.
The Onki carries the message: interactive and luminous object, it is the 3rd character of Onkalo, infallible form that protects the place. When the Browser appears a communication becomes possible.
Solo #1 The Keeper
The Onki
Solo #2 The Browser

Choreography: Sandra Français
Interpretation: Sandra Français, Chiara Montalbani
Sound design: Martin Goodwin
Lighting creation: Léo Grospérrin
Onki design: LàBO . Collective of architects
Onki construction: Sudside
Video medium: Romain Giquel, Renaud Trigodet
Costume: Julie Youssef