Open session Liam Warren - SPLIT SCREEN

21 . 02 . 2019 - 7pm

Fascinated by the gap that can exist between tangible and imagined bodies, Liam Warren opens a playground from this floating place.
He continues his choreographic research by associating in this creation a technological research around sound and light sensors.
The split-screen, translated by split screen or separate screen, is a cinematographic effect.  This editing tool, adopted for the writing of this piece, consists in dividing the screen into several parts, each of them presents images of different scenes, or different perspectives of the same scene. 
Curiosity and astonishment at the capacity that exists in everyone to project themselves elsewhere.

Artistic direction: Liam Warren
Dance, choreographic collaboration: Thomas Bîrzan, Aurélien Charrier, Erik Lobelius
Lights: Cécile Giovansili-Veyssière
Sound creation: Didier Ambact