Open Session Co Sara Lupoli - Off Cells

23 . 05 . 2019 7pm30

Neurophysiologists explain that the absence of light activates a series of cells at the periphery of the retina called precisely off-cells, which enter into activity and produce this particular species of vision that we call darkness….
G. Agamben, Nudités

Different contact zones are inhabited by Sara Lupoli’s dance, like space-time capsules that emerge from light and darkness. 
For this Open Session, the PianoBe research group presents the different aspects of the piece Off Cells, in its choreographic, musical and software version.

Author, choreographer, performer: Sara Lupoli
Consultancy, dramaturgy: Marco Izzolino
Programming: Fiorenzo Dario Ramaglia
Multimedia art: Matteo Vinti
Music composition: Francesco Giangrande