Event SCENE44 I Festival de Marseille I Co Emanuel Gat Dance - Freedom Sonata

7 June 2024 - 4pm


Choreography, scenography and lights: Emanuel Gat
Created with and interpreted by: Tara Dalli, Noé Girard, Nikoline Due Iversen, Pepe Jaimes, Gilad Jerusalmy, Olympia Kotopoulos, Michael Loehr, Emma Mouton, Abel Rojo Pupo,
Rindra Rasoaveloson, Sara Wilhelmsson

technical management: Guillaume Février
Sound design:  Frédéric Duru
Music: Kanye West - The Life Of Pablo (2016)
Ludwig Van Beethoven – piano sonata #32 in Ut minor opus 111 (second movement) performed by Mitsuko Ushida, piano, and recorded in 2006
Photos : Julia Gat