Event SCENE44 I co K. DANSE Jean-Marc Matos - GAMEPLAY level2

11 February 2022 7pm


* Eutopia is a term coined in 1516 by the English writer Thomas More in his book Utopia and which gives its name to The Imaginary Island. Unlike Utopia, whose prefix u- and the Greek stem topos mean “the place that does not exist”, and unlike dystopia whose prefix means “bad”, the term Eutopia is constructed with the prefix eu-, and thus it means “The Good Place”.

Conception, choreography: Jean-Marc Matos
Joint conception, creation of interactive visual and sound scenes: Antoine Schmitt 
Performer dancers: Izaskun Insausti & Lucien Brabec
Lighting design: Fabien Leprieult
Costume design: Flaure Diallo
Musical design: Jean-Marc Matos
Voice recording: Anne-Valérie Thauront  - sound engineer: Sébastien Bramardi