04 & 05 October 2022 . 7.00pm

Premiere at the festival ACTORAL22
Coproduction with SCENE44. n + n Corsino

04 & 05 October 2022 . 7:00PM
Petit Plateau - Friche belle de Mai
duration : 50 min l Canada, France
réservation :

In a quadri-frontal configuration, five bodies are caught in an uninterrupted circular flow, linked by a single physical force: rotation. The movements of the dancers compose a continuous intertwining system generated by their own circular trajectories, a whirlwind that forms the centre. Movement, light, sound, all matter merges into a vibratory field. A number of possible forms arise and then disappear in this hypnotic fluctuation of infinite energy.

In the affective domain, the Copernican revolution has not taken place: we are still at the center of our world. Liam Warren's piece proves that it is possible in a future time, happy, present, to live as the satellite of the other, of others, and that this is good, fair and true!
Yves-Noel Genod

Performers: Maria Cargnelli, Matthieu Chayrigues, Elie Fico, Louise Loubière, Aïda Ben Hassine 
Conception: Liam Warren 
Sound Space: Samir Kennedy
Additional composition: Hugo Mir-Valette 
Dramaturgy: Samir Kennedy
Assistant rehearsal: Johana Malédon
Light: Nils Doucet
Photos: Yang Wang
coproduction & supports: Ballet National de Marseille, Montévidéo - Marseille, SCENE44, Entrepont à Nice, Danse Dense, Cité des Arts de la Rue, la Déviation