Actoral21 / SCENE44  I Simon Senn & Tamara Leites - dSimon & Simon

30 September 2021 : 7pm - 1 Octobrer 2021 : 8pm


In the context of immersive investigations of which he is the candid hero, ready for anything, Simon Senn allows himself to be challenged by digital identities into which he slips and gets lost. After exploring himself in the virtual body of a British fine arts student for his previous creation, he now finds himself grappling with dSimon, a double of himself composed by a cutting-edge artificial intelligence to which he has provided all his personal data for the purposes of researcher Tammara Leites’s academic project. Surprise: like a 21st century HAL 9000, the chatbot says problematic things and seems to have a life of its own. To deal with the problem, Simon Senn relies... on his own avatar of himself, which guides him to the stage.

Concept, staging, interpretation: Tammara Leites, Simon Senn, dSimon
Artistic collaboration: Viviane Pavillon

Jointly directed with SCENE44. n + n Corsino
Compagnie Simon Senn, Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne
Coproduction: Le Grütli, centre de production et de diffusion des Arts Vivants - Actoral, festival international des arts et des écritures contemporaines