A duel made up of two parallel solos, is the threshold of this ensemble, its vocabulary and its space.
The wind element structures these two solos.
Anchored to a solid surface which is not a floor – the Corsinos’ space is a setting, never a closed stage, their cinematographic arena is for plastic visual arts, not theatrical – the bodies of the two dancers submit to a whirlwind of features, like heavy rain, a storm that they arouse by their dance.
Tormented by the elements, living beings resist and adapt, without withdrawing or undoing themselves.

Claudine Galea
(extract de Nouvelles fables pour le vivant)

Credits titles

Choreography and direction: n + n Corsino
Dance: Bora Kim, Jae Duk Kim
Scenography design 2d: Anaël SheghezzI
Image: Massimo Gardone, Nicolas Ballu



Production Partners

Danse34, Productions