A journey within the journey, is DragonFly, an immersive navigation in virtual reality. The first immersive piece by n + n Corsino, it smashes the limits of our physiological definition, our human 3D, and the sum of topos, the alphabet of the two artists come together and respond to each other.
Composed of seven worlds, DragonFly’s interstellar journey is a pure moment of pleasure.
The 3D scenographic designer Patrick Zanoli, who has worked with n + n Corsino for many years,  is the craftsman of this technological mastery which serves a poetics of the imagination and contributes ,to its extension.
Sit on the chair, put on the helmet, grab the joysticks, and hey, presto!: everywhere, there are irresistible dragonflies that gave their name to this work, paper planes, coloured helicopters, butterflies and a swarm of seagulls, all buzzing and chirping, pottering around, skimming, just missing each other, gliding.
The couple of dancers mingle with this mischievous flying fauna and flora, they appear and evaporate, while we retreat to the limits of their miniaturization or, on the contrary, we approach them at the breaking point. We can slow down or speed up, but there is no going back, a work is a path, we have to go through successive doors and ride in a shining elevator that takes us up very high;  in panoramic jubilation, cognitive and sensory reversal, the aeroplanes are down below, and the flowers are growing from the bottom of a glacier-ocean.
Later, here we are in the room of an imaginary digital museum where huge figures with tangy colors, heiresses of Matisse and here a giant book opens, the pages come alive: a new garden of delights?
The book flies away, because, in DragonFly, nothing freezes, everything is transformed, the journey ends in a night of mauve poppies, and a forest of floating grass calls us, where one can just make out dance. DragonFly is addictive, Jacques Diennet’s sound score is inseparable from this navigation: it is what expresses the crossing, stirs up sensations, and makes virtual reality a sensitive, sensory experience. It’s playful, amazing, bewitching, magical. We become one with DragonFly. We let ourselves be delighted.

Credits titles

Conception et choreography: Nicole Corsino, Norbert Corsino
Dancers: Kim Bora, Kim Jae Duk, Ioana Marchidan, Arcadie Rusu
3d scenography: Patrick Zanoli
Development: Augmented Space Agency: Sabin Serban, Dan Facaeru, Cip Facaeru
Creation clones: Anaël Seghezzi
Texts: Claudine Galea
Musical creation: Jacques Diennet