Signs, surfaces and the instant - An encounter by n + n Corsino and Aurora Museum

Signs, surfaces and the instant - An encounter by n + n Corsino and Aurora Museum 24rd May - 27th July 2014 - opening on 23rd 2014

On the 23rd of May 2014, the Aurora Museum of Shanghai will inaugurated Signs, surfaces and the instant, an exhibition featuring the work of French artists, choreographers and researchers Nicole Corsino and Norbert Corsino, artistically known as n + n Corsino.

The artists duo explores the kinetics of bodies and landscapes, connecting dance and technology in installations where choreographic movements can be mapped, rendered through -and interact with- calligraphy and graphic patterns. The body, its motion or even its absence, is often at the core of their artistic practice and in their artworks, which n + n Corsino define choreographic fictions, dance performances are transposed to the virtual realm, presented in the form of interactive choreographic navigations.

The exhibition will be presented in the framework of the Festival Croisements, the biggest French cultural festival organized out of France, as well as the most important foreign festival in China. Created after the Franco-Chinese crossed cultural years (2003-2005) upon the demand of both the French and the Chinese President, Croisements will celebrate in 2014 its 9th edition.

In line with a practice that interlaces local cultural elements and their artistic vision -and through the cultural mediation and curatorial approach of Davide Quadrio, Director of the Shanghai based Arthub Asia-, n + n Corsino will premiere on this occasion a new creation, specifically inspired by the antiques collection of the Aurora Museum.

Contextualised within previous works, this site specific creation will complete a travel of signs and calligraphy from India to China, reaching out and bridging the two cultures by exploring their possible interactions through time. 

The vast and historically significant antiques collection housed by the Aurora Museum -which includes pottery, porcelain, jades and Buddhist sculptures- was created in over 30 years by collector Yung Tai Chen, the Chairman of the Taiwanese Aurora Group. Located in the financial hub of Pudong, the building that hosts the institution was designed by the internationally renowned architect Tadao Ando.

In 2015 the Aurora Museum will inaugurate a new section devoted to Contemporary Art, Design and Architecture. The new space will be inspired by the antiques Museum building project by Tadao Ando, who will design as well the Contemporary wing.

Venue : Aurora Museum, No.99 Fu Cheng Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China

Contacts :

Opening Hours : Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00; Friday opened until 21:00


Production Credits :

Aurora Museum, Shanghai International Culture Association, Arthub Asia, scene44 European scene for choreographic creation and digital innovation

With the support of :

French Consulate in Shanghai, City of Marseille, French Institute in China, The Croisements Festival, and the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China, Apax


Concept and Direction: n + n Corsino

Curator: Davide Quadrio, Fritz huang

Credits title

dancers : Pooja Purohit, Stefania Rossetti, Ana Teixido, Revanta Sarabhai

writer : Claudine Galea

calligrapher :  Sumei Tang

2D / 3D scenographic designer : Nicolas Ballu

software developer : Samuel Toulouse

music composer : Jacques Diennet

lighting designer : Pascale Bongiovanni

technical manager : Gilles Marchesi