Residency SCENE44 . n + n Corsino

Residency SCENE44 . n + n Corsino 18th > 24th April 2017
Sarah Fdili Alaoui & Tamara Erdé

SKIN – the original new work by choreographer Sarah Fdili Alaoui and filmmaker Tamara Erdé – questions the body’s consciousness, the skin’s sensitivity and otherness.
A technological device composed of physiological sensors records the two dancers’ muscular activities and heartbeats in real time.
As a second skin, these sensors of proximity and touch reveal an intimate aspect of the two performers and provide new boundaries for their bodies in an augmented space.
Credits titles:
choreographers: Tamara Erde et Sarah Fdili Alaoui
video maker: Tamara Erdé
researcher: Sarah Fdili Alaoui
performers : Noellie Poulain, Lisa Bicheray, Laura Boudou
movement notator: Sarah Fdili Alaoui
information technology development and research: Niels Mourette et Sarah Fdili Alaoui
music: Alejandro Van Zandt Escoba
sound: Cédric Lionnet