Residency SCENE44 . n + n Corsino

Residency SCENE44 . n + n Corsino 25 March > 5 April 2019
Co Kontamine The Blonde and the Arab

When two completely opposite people meet and fall in love with each other, we cannot prevent desire from existing and bonding them together.?Emmanuelle Jay and Mohammed Kouadri-Sameut, the choreographers, were inspired by Yolande Zauberman’s documentary film Would you have sex with an Arab?, which shows the nightlife of Tel Aviv’s young people in Jerusalem: Jews and Arabs, all citizens of one same country: Israel. No wall separates them. ?La Blonde et L’Arabe / The Blonde and the Arab is in line with the work of the Kontamine company.

Credits titles:
choreographers: Emmanuelle Jay, Mohamed Kouadri-Sameut
performers: Axelle Catta, Reyhan Özdilek, Emmanuelle Jay, Germain Ducros, Mohamed Kouadri-Sameut
original music: Darryl O’Donovan
music: Galbi / Soapkills & Ya Jarata / Zeidhamdan
video direction & editing: Kenza Oukhemanou
costumes & sets: Cie Kontamine
visuals: José Pazos
with the support of: Espace l’Abri Genève, La Manufacture Vendetta Mathea, Incubateur chorégraphique Aurillac, Théâtre de l’Oulle Avignon